Scholastic Book Order

Our first Scholastic Book Order of the year is due tomorrow. If you are interested in ordering, please place the order by the end of the school day tomorrow. Our class code is M3WZF. Thank you!


Homework and Word Work

Students are coming home with their first homework packet of the year. This will come home each Monday during full weeks of school and will be due the following Monday. The first page of the homework packet includes iXL, xtra math, and a Quizlet link (also found on the blog under ‘Word Work’). Students should aim to earn a SmartScore of 75-80.

Included in the homework packet is a list of 8 new vocabulary words. Students should study these words in order to understand their meaning in context. In order to practice, have conversations that include these words, encourage students to think of situations when they would be appropriate to use, etc. The weekly test will not require students to simply name the definition, but instead be able to use the word appropriately in a given situation. Since these words are frequently found in 5th grade level books, your child will encounter them when reading. Look for opportunities to discuss how these words work within the context of the story. Vocabulary words will resurface in future assessments, so students should work hard to include these words in their everyday vocabulary.

A Message from the PTO…

Hello families!  Hopefully you all have seen the Rock the Walk Walk-a-Thon information.  If your kids collect money for Rock the Walk in cash/checks outside of the online donation webpage, please have them turn it in to their classroom teacher on the following days: Sept 13, Sept 20, and Sept 25. This helps us track how our class is doing, as well as make sure funds do not get misplaced. Thank you so much for your help with this!  And a little update…so far the kids have raised $1,820 in just 2 days!!  We appreciate ALL your EFFORTS!
Thank you!!

Rock the Walk

Students enjoyed the kick off ceremony for Rock the Walk yesterday afternoon! If you haven’t received it already, please check your child’s take home folder tonight for the Rock the Walk fundraising instructions and envelope. There are a lot of fun incentives to get students involved this year!

Add this to your calendar…

Friday, September 27 at 1:30 p.m.  Hit the streets of Douglas to watch the Saugatuck High School band and the students of DES march in their very own Rock the Walk Parade!

Friday, September 27 at 5:30 p.m. Join the community at the Saugatuck High School football field in order to celebrate the end of the Rock the Walk fundraiser. Live music, food, fun, and walking will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

40 Book Challenge and More!

40 Book Challenge: Today students embarked on the 40 book challenge! This challenge encourages readers to expand their reading world and is 100% positive. There will be no reports, grades, or incentives to reach the goal, although we will encourage one another and celebrate our reading victories together at the end of the year. The hope is that through book discussions with others and time dedicated to reading, students will find new books, series, or genres they want to explore. In addition, the time spent working toward this goal will help fill the 20-30 minute reading goal students should be striving for daily. Text complexity is taken into account, as students can count lengthy books as more than one book on their sheet. All age appropriate books count toward this goal, including biographies, graphic novels, non-fiction books, etc. We will track our reading at school, and students are welcome to include books they’ve finished at home.

Sit and Sip: Please check your child’s take home folder for a note about Sit and Sip. This weekly event is meant to help make independent reading more enjoyable. Please let me know if you have any questions after reading the parent letter and schedule attached.

Xtra Math and iXL: Your child is coming home with login instructions for xtra math and iXL. Starting Monday, September 16, these skills will be listed on the weekly homework. Please store this information in a safe place so that your child can access it throughout the year. If you lose this information, please let me know.

$5 Planner Money: If you haven’t sent in the $5 fee listed under the 5th grade school supply list, it’s not too late! In addition to covering the planner cost, this money also covers the cost of several folders and a writing binder.

Scholastic Book Order: A Scholastic Book Order is coming home today! If you are interested in purchasing books for your child, just follow the directions attached to the order form. Each purchase allows our class to earn bonus points, which we use to buy more books for the classroom!

Daily Reading Request: Help your child set a goal to read outside of school a minimum of 20-30 minutes daily. In order for this to be a success, your child will need a variety of books at their fingertips. Making regular trips to the library is a great way to make this happen! Give your child ample time to search for books and be curious about their choices. If you think the time is right, help your child sign up for their own library card. These small steps will show your child that you value their time spent reading.


Wonderful First Day!

Our first day back was terrific! It was productive, fun, and sped by in a blur. I’m sure your families are adjusting to the new routine just as mine is. In order to help make the transition a bit easier,  please take a moment to read the information below.

Planner: Students will continue to use their planner each day in order to communicate and establish habits that will make the transition to the middle school easier. Last year we used the planner in order to share information regarding homework and special events. In addition to that, you’ll begin to see more details about our daily lessons. Homework will be circled in order to set this information apart from our lessons. Please continue to review your child’s planner each night and sign it at the bottom.

Back to School Folder: The back to school folder should be returned to school by the end of the week. In addition to this parent homework, please be certain to have updated your child’s Powerschool account. This step ensures that we have up to date contact information and allows your child to attend field trips.

Homework: Students have two responsibilities for homework this week, detailed in a note sent home today. On Thursday, September 5, students should have a copy of their favorite book.  On Monday, September 9, students should bring in pictures, drawings, and magazine cutouts of the people and things they love. We’ll use these images to decorate our writer’s notebook and to inspire writing throughout the year.

Constitution Day Letter: Constitution Day is on September 17.  The fifth graders at DES will be reciting the Preamble to the Constitution during lunches on that day.  We would like to celebrate Constitution Day in class by having a small party.  If you would be willing to donate any of the items for the party, please fill out and return the bottom portion of the letter sent home today. Thank you in advance.

Copy Helpers: The 5th grade team is seeking a few parent volunteers to help make copies on a weekly basis. If you are interested in helping, please email me at